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BioForteP4 60 capsWM

Worlds Best Selling Trans-Resveratrol Supplement. 60caps (500mg)
Was NZ $84.95
Now NZ $54.95
Save NZ $30.00


Transmax new

99% Bio Enhanced Resveratrol.
Highest Potency & Purity.
60caps (500mg)
Was NZ $144.95
Now NZ $94.95
Save NZ $50.00
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Unique Antioxidant Super Fruit Complex.
ORAC rating of 13580 60caps
Was NZ $64.95
Now NZ $49.95
Save NZ $15.00
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The world's most advanced multi-stilbene supplement
Was NZ $79.95
Now NZ $59.95
Save NZ $20.00
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Choose Biotivia Resveratrol best Value per Cap!!
Biotivia products contain up to Twenty times more Trans-resveratrol per cap than
 some  NZ formulated products.
 - Get the potency needed to be clinically effective.

Some buying Tips to help you get the best Value for Money Resveratrol on the New Zealand market today!

  • Look carefully at the per capsule amount of ''Trans-Resveratrol'' stated in ''mg''.
    *If the product you are considering does not clearly state the Trans - Resveratrol content on the label or web page then look elsewhere!

(There are various products with as little as 25mg of Trans-Resveratrol per capsule on the NZ market)
Biotivia Bioforte has Ten times this amount. - But you don't pay Ten times the purchase price of other products!
Biotivia Transmax has Twenty times this amount of Trans Resveratrol.  - But you don't pay Twenty times the cost!

Compare the Value proposition of the purchase not the per bottle price. Why purchase a product if the formulation and price pays lip service to the active ingredient? 

  • Work out how much per gram the active ingredient (Trans-Resveratrol) is costing you.
  • Look for a minimum of 250mg per capsule of Trans-Resveratrol if you are looking for a potent supplemented daily dose. Or a minimum of 150mg delivered over two capsules as the minimum recommended daily dose. 
  • Ensure that a high amount of the Resveratrol is in the Trans-Resveratrol form. 

Look for the use of Vcaps with an Oxygen elimination system (used in all Biotivia products) to ensure that the Trans-Resveratrol is in the same condition as it was when processed.

Look for the worlds #1 selling brand there is good reason Biotivia holds this position in the market globally.

Biotivia the Real Deal!!  Gram for Gram!!  Dollar for Dollar!! Best Value!!     

link.gif Worlds Best Selling Resveratrol
  Our resveratrol supplements are the world's best selling. We are the resveratrol specialists and use trans-resveratrol (the active form of resveratrol) in most of our formulations because of it's unique and astonishing range of benefits. We created the first high-potency resveratrol supplement. We have 17 years of experience processing critical botanicals for the medical and functional food industries.
link.gif Approved by ConsumerLabs America
  We are the only company to have "two" trans-resveratrol products approved by ConsumerLabs. Transmax was the most potent product tested and Bioforte was rated the best value. There is no substitute for truly independent product evaluation.
link.gif All Natural, High Purity
  Our products are all natural and contain no animal products, preservatives, fillers of any kind, synthetics, or gmo's. Purity is an obsession with Biotivia and higher purity equals higher potency and fewer side effects. Our capsules are all vegetable Pfizer Vcaps.
link.gif Our Product is selected and used by Research Scientists
  Transmax, our 500mg pure trans-resveratrol product, is being used by prestigious universities and hospitals such as Albert Einstein Medical College, UC Davis and Ottawa Hospital for human clinical trials. Our resveratrol is being used in more human trials than all other brands combined.

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Juliana, Wellington
I can't tell you how energetic and fatigue free I feel, I am attending exercise class designed for knee/hip replacement, I am walking straight like 'humanbeing' I am not tired at all, I feel so great.

Paula Cook, Wellington
I love anything Dr Mercola
The supplement are probably the best out there.

Francisco Kelly, Endocrinologist, Texas
I started taking your product 3 months ago and have lost fifteen pounds without changing my supplement regimen, and my blood profile has improved.

Michael Jamison, Orthopedic Surgeon, New York
Just started to use the Transmax product. After two months, I wake up with more energy which lasts the whole day.

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