Dr Mercola Kinetic Culture Packets for Vegetables (10 Packets per Box): 1 Box

I believe optimizing your gut flora may be one of the most important things you can do, and fermented vegetables can help you maximize that potential. Using a starter culture is such a key element when fermenting your own vegetables. It can save you time, yield more consistent results, and can even help you increase the levels of certain nutrients and vitamins. I can't stress enough the importance of using a high-quality culture starter. Although many starter cultures are available, many are of variable quality. That's why I created my own starter culture – Kinetic Culture. But I went to great lengths to make sure my starter culture went above and beyond others.

What makes Kinetic Culture so special?

My enhanced formula produces healthy bacteria that promote gut health, beneficial enzymes that make digestion easier on the stomach, and even increases bioavailability of vitamins, like vitamin K2, in your vegetables.

Vitamin K2 is a product of bacterial fermentation that is present in fermented vegetables. After thorough testing, I discovered that the probiotic strains in Kinetic Culture have been studied to produce more vitamin K2 than other strains. If these probiotic strains are not present in the vegetables or in the starter culture you use (or even in the right amounts), you could end up with low K2 levels.

I made sure the right probiotic strains are present in Kinetic Culture with the ability to produce ample amounts of K2.

My Kinetic Culture Starter Kit for Vegetables are as easy and convenient as ever. Just open the pack, add it to your brine packed with vegetables, and start fermenting! No measuring and no mess means more time to yourself. You’ll get 10 packs to a box, and each pre-measured pack will yield one quart of fermented veggies.

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