Dr Mercola Ubiquinol - 150mg (30 caps) see graph below for your dose


Did you know your mitochondrial function is at the heart of everything that happens in your body?

Most of your cells each contain several hundred mitochondria, or little energy factories that supply the majority of the fuel and energy your body produces. However, this massive energy production produces byproducts that can damage your cells and mitochondrial DNA and make your body age faster.

CoQ10 and its reduced, active form, Ubiquinol, are rare lipid-soluble antioxidants that can help protect against cellular damage from free radical byproducts in the lipid portions of your body, including your cell membranes. Guarding against cell and mitochondrial damage helps ensure your body receives the energy it needs for the healthy function of your heart, brain, muscles, kidneys and other fuel-hungry tissues.

When your heart, brain and other organs receive the fuel they need for proper functioning, you help support your total body health and wellness.

While younger people can utilize CoQ10 without difficulty, we recommend those over the age of 30 use the active, more readily absorbable form of CoQ10, Ubiquinol.

My Ubiquinol:

  • Contains Kaneka Ubiquinol as the active ingredient– the only genuine, patented ubiquinol, meticulously produced to protect against oxidation
  • Is made by an exclusive manufacturing process that utilizes biological fermentation to deliver a high-qualitystabilized and high-absorption formula for reliable support
  • Comes packaged in hard capsules, rather than air-permeable soft gels, to help protect contents from oxidation

We now offer Ubiquinol in two dose sizes for your convenience: 100 mg and 150 mg.

How Much Ubiquinol Should YOU Take?

The best way to decide your ideal dose of Ubiquinol is to consider your primary health emphasis and goals. Do you want to:

  • Support the health of your mitochondria and energy production at the cellular level throughout your body?
  • Support your CoQ10 and ubiquinol levels because you are taking a cholesterol-lowering drug or other medication that can impact your levels?
  • Optimally support your brain health and function by helping tissue cells generate energy and protect against damage from free radicals and oxidative stress?*
  • Ensure you have sufficient ubiquinol in your cells and tissue to help support your healthy, active lifestyle?

If you answer “yes” to more than one primary health emphasis and the suggested doses below differ for each, simply opt for the higher dose.

Amount of Ubiquinol:

100 mg

150 mg

200 mg (2 x 100 mg)

300 mg (2 x 150 mg)

Mitochondrial Health:





  Males under 30   years.





  Males over 30     years.





  Females under  30 years.





  Females over 30  years.





Statin Use/Heart Health Support





Brain Health Support





Active lifestyle





Initial dose (2 to 3 weeks)





If you are a new Ubiquinol user, I recommend taking a “loading dose” for the first two to three weeks. This will help you achieve rapid, optimal ubiquinol levels in your blood, tissues and organs.

For best absorption and utilization, take fat-soluble Ubiquinol with food. If you select more than one reason, choose to take the higher dosage.

I recommend dividing your daily amount into two doses: morning and afternoon. We now offer Ubiquinol in two dose sizes for your convenience: 100 mg and 150 mg.

Ideally, you'll want to work with your health care practitioner to confirm your ideal dose. A blood test can measure your CoQ10 levels, which would tell you whether your dose is high enough to keep you within a healthy range.


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