Biotivia BioQuench 60caps

Next Generation Antioxidant

Super Fruit Extracts + ala 525mg


Where’s the best place to look for information about antioxidants? Right at the source. That’s why BioQuench includes 5 ingredients that mimic the range of antioxidant support found in natural fruits and vegetables.




Contains multiple phytonutrients from super fruits providing powerful antioxidant benefits. BioQuench utilizes antioxidants found mainly in the skin and seeds, which are not typically consumed.


Faster, Healthier Results


Biotivias new approach to antioxidant support provides the most complete protection for your body, all in one convenient and cost effective capsule. Nature doesn’t isolate antioxidants into a single ingredient, and neither do we. Our research reveals how the right combination of antioxidants working together creates faster, healthier results.

You can’t simply look at quantities when choosing antioxidants. Bioavailability of the supplement matters, and we put maximum effort into ensuring the best possible absorption of our supplements.


The Choice is Clear

With BioQuench you get everything you need when it comes to fighting oxidative stress and free radicals throughout your body the primary culprits in aging and many illnesses. Do you really want to juggle 5 different pills every day to get what you need?

A Complete Antioxidant

BioQuench is the most scientifically advanced, complete, and powerful antioxidant on the market. With a formula based on the most in-depth and recent research into antioxidant supplementation, you are getting a superior boost in health and longevity.

Why take BioQuench?


Combines the most effective and comprehensive ingredients, including alpha lipoic acid and extracts from 3 complementary super fruits that you won’t find anywhere else.


BioQuench has an ORAC value of 13,500twice the level of most antioxidants. That means better absorption for you. Get the antioxidant support you need, even if you forgot to eat fruits and vegetables today.


The most comprehensive antioxidant on the market, it includes hydrophilic and lipophilic antioxidants. If you are taking a single ingredient antioxidant you are not getting the protection you need.



Apple Skin Extract (Polyphenols NLT 80%)

Goji Berry Extract (Polysaccharide NLT 40%)

Pomegranate Extract (Polyphenols NLT 40%)

Mangosteen Extract (Mangostin NLT10%, Total tannins (titration) NLT 25%, Total flavonoids (Gravimetric) NLT 20%)

Grape Seed Extract (Polyphenols NLT 95%)

Alpha Lipoic Acid (USP28)




We all worry about our health as we age. New research indicates that free radicals throughout our bodies accelerate the aging process. We create them as a reaction to unhealthy situations, including air pollution and the food we eat. Free radicals attack the healthy functioning of human cells and even DNA replication. Cellular breakdown and DNA replication errors are responsible for dozens of age-related diseases, such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. How can you shield yourself? With antioxidants that neutralize oxidative stress and free radicals. BioQuench provides your body the complete set of antioxidants needed.



Detox has become a buzz word, but it’s actually much easier to do than some sites and products would lead you to believe. What detoxing is truly about is avoiding dangerous substances and providing your body with the resources to defend against those substances. Antioxidants can help. They bind to toxic metals such as mercury, preventing the metal from damaging your body. And the water-soluble antioxidants in BioQuench also help your body expel these toxins altogether.



You can’t always avoid every toxic substance. We understand that. Excess sugar, carbohydrates, and even life stress can cause an excess creation of free radicals. BioQuench provides the extra antioxidant support you need to maintain a healthy balance.


BioQuench was formulated based on the latest health research and takes a new approach to antioxidant supplementation. In nature, several types of antioxidants each play an important role in health. BioQuench effectively mimics the natural range of antioxidants by including 5 different types of antioxidant support.

Why take BioQuench?

If you regularly consume a large amount of fruits and vegetables, you probably do not need BioQuench. There, we’ve said it. For everyone else, BioQuench ensures that you are getting the range and level of antioxidants you need to shield your body.

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