Biotivia BioSpan 60caps

Advanced Curcumin formula.

Advanced cellular protection

Complete longevity support 500mg

A unique blend of four natural ingredients. DNA, genetic, telomere and cellular benefits in one capsule. Biospan helps your body stay healthy at a cellular level and to activate the longevity genes which reside in all of us.




Healthspan is about staying healthier for longer. Increased healthspan depends on a number of factors. At a microscopic level, your body needs to activate longevity genes, protect the ‘longevity message’ in your telomeres, and reduce cellular inflammation. BioSpan is a unique blend which has been formulated to help you meet those goals with these ingredients.

  • Trans-Resveratrol can activate SirT longevity genes.
  • Silymarin can also improve SirT function and modulate blood glucose.
  • Astragalus could protect telomeres and enhance immunity.
  • Circumin is a powerful anti-oxidant and can reduce DNA oxidative damage.

How it works

Focus on cellular, DNA and telomere health. Make your body think you have a healthier lifestyle.

The things your body loves in order to be healthy are possibly the things you can’t fit into a busy lifestyle. That’s plenty of exercise, plenty of sleep, and a healthy diet with less carbs, less sugar and less processed food.

But if, like most people, you have a stressfull life, not enough exercise and grab one or two meals a day on the move … then all is not lost.

BioSpan has been formulated to provide your body with the important healthspan molecules it would make for itself, if only it had the time.

There’s no replacement for a healthy, relaxed lifestyle … but BioSpan comes a close second when it comes to promoting a longer healthspan.


The power of 4 natural ingredients

Researchers have proven that aging in general, and many of the more serious diseases in particular, are the result of oxidative stress. Free radicals – caused by factors like pollution, cigarette smoke, sugar and processed foods – cause an atomic-level reaction in our bodies that damages DNA and cellular material.


Trans-resveratrol can activate sirt longevity genes

Silymarin can also improve sirt function and modulate blood glucose

Astragalus could protect telomeres and enhance immunity

Circumin is a powerful anti-oxidant and can reduce DNA oxidative damage



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