Biotivia Transmax 60 Caps


98% Trans-Resveratrol 500mg


The biggest breakthrough in healthy aging since diet and exercise.

Hundreds of research studies have shown the potential power of resveratrol to promote wellness and extend youthful vigour and health




Biotivia’s Transmax resveratrol is a research-grade supplement made with the purest ingredients and to the highest quality standards. Our unique formulation includes piperine and polydatin to enhance bio-availability.

  • 500 mg of pure, 98% trans-resveratrol, no blends
  • Enhanced with piperine and polydatin to increase absorption
  • Certified by Consumer Labs and produced in the USA
  • Trusted by University Medical Researchers worldwide.


How it works



As we age, our cells accumulate damage. This damage undermines the ability of cells to function properly. Mitochondria, known as the power plant for our cells, lose their ability to efficiently generate energy for our bodies. Even worse, mitochondrial DNA (mDNA) replication errors begin to proliferate. Research has shown a direct link between these mDNA errors and a variety of age-related conditions from hair loss, to loss of energy, to serious diseases.

At Biotivia, we want to provide straightforward information. The simple facts are that while there is a great deal of evidence pointing to the benefits of resveratrol, it is still a new compound that is still being studied.



The leading theories on how resveratrol works point to its ability to prevent this type of cell damage. This enables our cells to continue to produce energy efficiently, and to prevent cell mutations that could lead to fatal diseases.

How does resveratrol prevent the age-related deterioration caused by cell damage? The recent research suggests Resveratrol protects cells and counteracts the results of previous cell damage. It protects cells by neutralizing the excessive oxidation that can impair healthy cell functioning. It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory. Cell oxidation leads to excessive internal inflammation that contribute to age-related diseases, especially heart disease and cancer. Resveratrols anti-inflammatory properties can help prevent these age-related afflictions.


Active Ingredients

Resveratrol 98+%

Transmax contains only bio-enhanced pharmaceutical-grade Resveratrol at a concentration of 98+ %


Piperine is a proven and well-studied natural molecule added to increase the bioavailablility of Resveratrol.


Polydatin is a derivative of Resveratrol and gives our supplement a longer half life and greater potency


Benefits of Transmax

Youth Extension

Extending youth begins by slowing the natural process of aging. According to numerous research studies, thats exactly the promise of Resveratrol. Our pure 98% resveratrol protects mitochondrial function and thus offers the potential to increase energy levels and prevent or delay the onset of age-related diseases.

Brain Performance and Health 

More and more research is pointing to the promise of resveratrol to improve cognitive function and potentially prevent age-related brain disorders. Research shows that resveratrol improves brain performance by stimulating cerebral blood flow, particularly when paired with piperine. And its anti-inflammatory properties could help prevent age-related cognitive decline and disease.

Cardiovascular Health 

While the research is still early, recent studies indicate Resveratrols powerful anti-inflammatory properties help protect against heart disease. As we age, excessive internal inflammation can cause blood platelet aggregation, which is a major cause of heart disease. Resveratrols anti-inflammatory properties are being researched as a potential preventative treatment for this condition. In addition, Resveratrol appears to improve circulation by promoting the natural production of nitric oxide.

Weight Management

There is no substitute for diet and exercise, but Resveratrol might give you an unfair advantage. In a recent research study, those who had been given resveratrol gained 40% less weight than those that had not. It appears that resveratrol converts excess white fat into calorie-burning beige fat that helps protect against weight gain.

Counteract Unhealthy Conditions

We all aspire to eat better, get more active and lose weight. But for those still suffering from obesity, blood glucose issues, and respiratory conditions such as COPD, resveratrol might be able to counteract the worst health effects of these conditions. In fact, the research suggests that those with obesity and blood glucose issues could benefit the most from resveratrol.


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