Biotivia Transmax TR 60 caps

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Trans-Resveratrol 500mg


Incredible Resveratrol Power: 12 hour active dose. Our time release formula gives a 6 times longer bio-activity. 250% bio-availability. Our micronized resveratrol is more easily absorbed.




Biotivia Transmax TR is a breakthrough in high-performance Resveratrol. Bio-active. Our Time Release formula gives a 12 hour active dose. Bio-available. Our 10 micron particles reach more cells for more health benefits.

  • 500 mg of pure, 98% trans-resveratrol. No additives.
  • ‘Micro particles’ give 250% cellular bio-availability
  • Time Release formula gives maximum Resveratrol benefits.

Get Max Performance with TransmaxTR

Featuring MicroActive® Resveratrol, Transmax TR delivers an incredible 250% boost in bio-availability and our Time Release formula means Transmax TR lasts up to 12 hours in the blood stream. That’s six times more than conventional Resveratrol. This breakthrough in Resveratrol supplementation ensures your body receives an effective and sustained supply of Resveratrol.

If you’re serious about Resveratrol… Transmax TR is the logical choice.


Transmax TR contains 500mg of microactive ® resveratrol per vegetarian capsule. There are no added ingredients or excipients


Micronization ensures a sustained release of resveratrol.

 MicroActive® Resveratrol was compared to 99% resveratrol powder in a dissolution study that approximates transport through both the gastric and intestinal environments. Compared with resveratrol powder, MicroActive® Resveratrol dissolved more slowly and demonstrated sustained released over a longer period. The resveratrol powder showed complete dissolution in 4 hours, while the MicroActive® formula showed sustained release over 12 hours, with 97% of the dose released.

Sustained time release means better absorption.

A human study comparing MicroActive® Resveratrol to standard resveratrol powder showed that the total resveratrol uptake of MicroActive® Resveratrol is more than double that of 98% resveratrol powder. It also remains in the intestine longer due in part to the use of bio-adhesive polymers, demonstrating a dramatically improved residence time as compared to the unformulated resveratrol. Because of this improved residence time, MicroActive® Resveratrol is a highly efficient and cost-effective product that allows more resveratrol to be absorbed by the cells at lower dosages.

How it works


As we age, our cells accumulate damage. This damage undermines the ability of cells to function properly. Mitochondria, known as the power plant for our cells, lose their ability to efficiently generate energy for our bodies. Even worse, mitochondrial DNA (mDNA) replication errors begin to proliferate. Research has shown a direct link between these mDNA errors and a variety of age-related conditions from hair loss, to loss of energy, to serious diseases.

At Biotivia, we want to provide straightforward information. The simple facts are that while there is a great deal of evidence pointing to the benefits of resveratrol, it is still a new compound that is still being studied.



The leading theories on how resveratrol works point to its ability to prevent this type of cell damage. This enables our cells to continue to produce energy efficiently, and to prevent cell mutations that could lead to fatal diseases.

How does resveratrol prevent the age-related deterioration caused by cell damage? The recent research suggests Resveratrol protects cells and counteracts the results of previous cell damage. It protects cells by neutralizing the excessive oxidation that can impair healthy cell functioning. It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory. Cell oxidation leads to excessive internal inflammation that contribute to age-related diseases, especially heart disease and cancer. Resveratrols anti-inflammatory properties can help prevent these age-related afflictions.

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